Colonies that Fought for Independence

Colonies that fought for independence, American war for independence, mozambique war for independenceAmerican War for Independence:

The American war for independence was the earliest one and probably one of the most complicated for the British to handle anyway. The New World as it was called when the British first landed on the American coast was a chance for a new beginning.

But as they did throughout history the British took advantage of the native people and tried to convert them to their religion. This as you would expect did not end too well for the British. After years of British rule on the New World or America, George Washington and his group of nationals or rebels as they were to the British, started a war and won it, leading to the Americans getting their independence and a present from the French in Lady Liberty(The Statue of Liberty).

Mozambique War For Independence:

Mozambique on of the most picturesque countries in Africa and up until 1974 they were a Portuguese colony. The Portuguese settlers were brutal and extremely harsh and forced the natives to speak their language, and again like the British made the take up their religion.

Mozambique currently is in turmoil, with the two leading factions going together to try and get the upper hand hoping to lead the country. So far the “rebels” have not been able to over throw the party that’s currently in power.

It was like that when the Mozambicans fought the Portuguese for their independence, in a struggle that started in 1964, around the same time the Zimbabweans were fighting for their independence, the struggle in Mozambique ended in 1974,  and they got their independence, but it has not been plan sailing for them since they got it.

Why did These Colonies Fight for Independence:

The Colonies, all colonies in fact fought their wars of independence for one main reason, to be free of there oppressors. All the empires that once ruled over most of the world, the British Empire, the French Empire, the Portuguese also had quite a few colonies as did the Spanish, most of countries or Empires at the time were in Europe.

These once great empires who all went to those extremes to find resources and hopefully for them to get more land for their people, but all these empires since the Second World War started to crumble like a cheap loaf of bread. This was mostly by their design.

The Colonies that got Independence:

All of the colonies ruled by these empires have since been awarded their independence,weather it was through a war or they simply gave them the independence. There are some cases, like New Zealand, Australia and Canada that are technically still part of the British Empire, the list of countries who got their independence from Britain is:

  • One of them was Ireland
  • Another was Malawi
  • Rhodesia got their independence, then Zimbabwe got their independence from Rhodesia.

Many other countries like Zambia also got their independence from Britain, leading to countries all around the world becoming free, well technically, a good number of African dictators have shown us that isn’t completely true.

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The Charge of the Light Brigade

Charge of the Light Brigade, When was the CHarge of the Light BrigadeWhen was the Charge of the Light Brigade:

The Charge of the Light Brigade as its come to be known, was by all intents and purposes a complete and utter failure or misjudgement if you will by the British army. They sent there soldiers into one of the most spectacular ambushes ever seen.’

The Charge of the Light Brigade happened during the Crimean War in the Battle of Balaclava, the main leader Lord Raglan had intended to send the troops of the Light Brigade to prevent the Russian troops from getting rid of the Turkish guns that had been overrun, which was a task that could easily have handled.

This all took place when guns were still a new thing way back in 1854, the Russians at the time had incredible positioning and patience as they waited they perfect amount of time to fire and slaughter the Light Brigade.

What were the Consequences of the Charge:

Not everyone in the Charge of the Light Brigade was killed, however 118 were killed 127 were badly wounded and 60 more were taken as prisoners. The Russian officers are said have thought that the British soldiers must have been drunk, because no one was that stupid to charge into a valley with an almost certainty that they would be killed.

A French Marshall Pierre Bosquet said “It is magnificent, but it is not war” he continued in something that he was really quoted in saying “It is madness!” That is the perfect way to describe what happened there, sending in hundreds of soldiers to thee fate, all because of a simple miscommuntication.

 Lord Tennyson’s Poem:

The Charge of the light Brigade has been immortalised in the poem that Lord Tennyson, and it was conveniently called “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. This poem has bought fourth some of the most insightive quotes that you will find about the Light Brigade.

The most prolific quote of all was “‘Forward the Light Brigade! Charge the guns!’ he said. Into the valley of the shadow of death. Rode the six hundred.” This has since become an extremely well known quote, and has been used in many speeches when people are trying to motivate or inspire or even to get a reaction.

But mainly the poem and this quote are used for remembrance, and to honour the six hundred that rode into the valley of the shadow of death.

Consequences of the Charge of the Light Brigade:

The Charge of the Light Brigade was an extreme failure for the British, but the Crimean War did path the way for a hero, Florence Nightingale was known as the miracle worker,and she did live up to that name.

Out of the six hundred more than half were either wounded or killed and that did keep Florence the angel busy. The Officers that sent in the Light Brigade were extremely embarrassed, and couldn’t find any excuses or reasons why they did send the Light Brigade in.

It is one of the biggest mistakes in wartime History.

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The Franco Prussian War

Franco Prussian War why did the France Prussian War startWhen did the Franco Prussian War happen:

The French and the Germans have been at battle with each other for far too long throughout history, and it hasn’t always gone the way of the French like it did in the World Wars, well World War I anyway, World War II was not a good one for the French, who were actually completely over run and dominated by Germany, who took over France until the Normandy Landings in 1944.

The war in question the Franco Prussian war took place long before the Second World War, it actually took place between 1870 and 1871 it did last for about a year before the Germans or the Prussians were successful and won the war, against quite a strong French army, leading to the European countries and indeed all the countries that found out to be quite surprised indeed.

Why did the Franco Prussian War Happen:

The paranoid French who were extremely nervous about the Germans plans to extend their lands to make more room for mother Prussia and her citizens and rightly so the Prussian leaders did have ideals about expanding, and this led to the French attacking.

Some people have argued that the Prussian Chancellor at the time the ever popular Otto Van Bismark, provoked the French into attacking so he could get the South German states, to form an alliance with the Northern states the majority of which made up Prussia.

That is when the French Government in Paris decided that they were going to declare war on Prussia and that’s what they did, they declared war, and pretty much wrapped up their fate there and then. The Prussian army was always a lot more skilled than the French and they knew it, so the declaration of war by the French played right into their hands.

When did it go Wrong for the French:

Almost immediately the French were on the back foot, after the Prussians had swift and successful victories in the Eastern part of France, which were the battle of Sedan, in which Napolean was was captured, and the Siege of Metz.

These few victories and a few more months of war was really a success for Bismark and the Prussian Kaiser, Wilhem the First, the father of Wilhem the Second who led Germany into the First World War. The string of victories led to the German states that Bismark wanted under Prussian rule, declared as a Union under one Germany, one Prussia.

What were the Results of the Franco Prussian War:

A lot of the neutral countries who witnessed this war, were surprised at how quickly the Germans were able to defeat the French, no one expected the war to go the way it did, least of all the French.

This win for the Germans was extremely important, and perhaps it actually made the Germans a little to cocksure, which led to the First World War. The War definitely did make the French bitter and they wanted revenge, the first time the could take it they did in the First World War.

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The Boer War

The Boer War, when was the boer war, Great BritainWhen was the Boer War:

The Boer War, was a fight between the British settlers, and the already settled Dutch or Afrikaans residents of South Africa, and it was fought in the African bush so straight off the bat, the Afrikaans had the upper hand,not because the British were incompetent, but because they were not prepared for such a war. The main mistake the British made was wearing their very distinct red uniforms, against an enemy who knew how to use the land to their advantage.

The Boer war was fought from 1880 to 1881 as the Afrikaners who had been in South Africa for longer than the British felt they could do without the British leading them, so they started a revolt or a revolution.

The Battle of Bronkhorstspruit:

This battle is really where the British in their bright red jackets, which stood out like a sore thumb, really were at a disadvantage, the Boers took a rather different approach to this battle than the British were expecting, they employed the ever successful guerilla tactics.

The Boers  were top marksmen and they knew the land almost inside and out, making it nearly impossible for the British to catch them or even to harm them at all. The total number of Boers that were killed in this battle was only four, however on the side of the British in their red coats and big helmets their death toll was near 120.

The Outcome of the Boer War:

This war was almost exclusively fought on the Boers terms, nothing that the British did or any of the scheming they got up to did little to no good. The British could not explain how they were beaten so badly and lost so may men, they had fought in tough terrain before, modern day Afghanistan, and they were successful there. They simply could not understand how the extremely out numbered Boers managed to defeat a whole British army.

It was the first time since the American War for Independence, that the British had been so heavily beaten in a war. The Boers extreme guerilla tactics, marksmanship, mobility and defensive positioning, proved far too superior for the British and have actually been seen as the harbinger for future combats.

Britain responds in the most British way:

After such a heavy defeat you would think that the loser would just pack up their things and get the hell out of dodge, but that wasn’t the way the British did things and it certainly wasn’t going to start after a defeat, the had to get back up dust themselves off and show the world that they can actually win a war.

The war was ended in 1881, mostly because the British Government ordered the officers on the ground to declare a truce. Not because they felt that they had been beaten, but because the government felt it was in their best interests not  to carry on with the war as they couldn’t afford to lose more troops and more importantly for them no more money. The British managed to turn a sure loss into a draw, that only British people would be happy with.

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